Restore Overwritten Data in Marketo

Reverto restores Marketo Person data that was overwritten in the past 90 days. If you can see the Data Value Change in the Activity Log, Reverto can restore it automatically for all affected records.

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How It Works

1. Configure

Configure the source, the date range and the affected fields. For each of the fields, you can indicate what the bad values are, and whether all existing values can be overwritten.

2. Review Dry Run

The dry run tells you what changes will be made in the restore process. If something needs to be changed, update your configuration and review the updated dry run.

3. Restore

Happy with the dry run? Start the restore process and Reverto will mass-restore your data values in Marketo. It also generates a detailed log file with all the changes that were made.

Examples of Overwritten Data

The examples below illustrate what type of data issues can be fixed by Reverto. This is not an exhaustive list. Almost any data value change that is visible in the Activity Log can be reverted.

Product FAQ

How quickly will my data be restored?
The dry run and restore process is usually complete within an hour if the number of affected records is less than 100,000. It will also take some time to finalize the configuration and to review and approve the dry run.
Can it restore data from more than 90 days ago?
Reverto uses the Marketo Activity Log to restore prior values. If a Data Value Change is still visible in the activity log, it can be restored. Marketo guarantees to keep 90 days worth of activities, but sometimes older data is still available.
Can Reverto handle large volumes?
Yes, Reverto is created using a scalable, on-demand architecture, which will automatically scale up for large restore processes, up to millions of records and dozens of fields.
How does Reverto access Marketo?
Reverto uses the Marketo REST API to identify the incorrect data value changes and revert the data. The API credentials need to have Read-Write Person, Read-only Activity and Read-only Asset permissions.
Will it count against my Marketo API quota?
Yes, but because we use batches of 300 records, even very large restore processes typically fit within the default daily quota of 50,000 API calls. If you use up most of the daily API quota, we can restore over multiple days.
Can it restore deleted Marketo records
No, Reverto only restores data values that were overwritten with bad data. If you accidentally deleted records in Marketo, contact Marketo Support to see if they can recover the records.

Privacy & Security

Privacy and security are Reverto’s highest priority. Reverto downloads Person and Activity data from Marketo to be able to restore your data. The Person information includes the Marketo Person ID, email address and the current values of the fields that were overwritten by bad data. The Activity information includes "Data Value Changes" for the period in which the bad data entered the system for the fields that were affected by the bad data. Once the restore is complete, this data will be deleted and no personal information from your Marketo instance will remain on our systems.

While you are using Reverto, we are securing every step of the process. That means that data transmission is done over secure channels (HTTPS) and that sensitive data is stored in an encrypted fashion.


Reverto a product of Momentera LLC, a Marketing Data Consulting firm. Momentera offers products and services to improve all parts of your marketing data. We specialize in Martech stacks built around Adobe Marketo Engage.

Momentera LLC

Pricing & Contact

Our extensive experience with complex restore processes will ensure a quick and successful restore project. We currently have introductory pricing available. Please contact us for a quote and any questions that you may have.

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